Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art of optimizing websites to perform very well in natural search results. In online search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), two types of results are displayed for a specific search term. Paid search results are exactly what they sound like–where you show up in paid search results is directly related to the amount of money you spend to do so. The remaining results, or organic search results, are chosen through an ever-changing calculation based on at least 200 different signals. It’s very important that your business shows up near or at the top of search results for a specific term for web users to find you. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the study and art of implementing those signals to rank well in organic search results.

Our Search Engine Optimization work is performed by some truly experienced and accomplished SEO professionals in the marketing industry today. We are well aware of the shortcuts and false promises that tend to get the major attention of the SEO conversation, but the truth is that search engines use a very complicated series of algorithms to determine which websites get the most attention and highest rankings, and those sites that optimize for what is known of those algorithms see the greatest rewards. A great website is not a website at all if no one can see it—and our SEO specialists work to ensure that your website is meeting or exceeding all the known criteria of quality search engine rankings and performing very well in search engines.

White Hat SEO Services

We don’t believe our clients should see short-term leaps and bounds and lose big in the long term (through penalties) for the SEO work done here at the Dines Group. As such, we don’t take shortcuts or cheat our way to the top—our clients’ SEO work includes the best practices and is done with careful attention to make sure that all the search engines are getting high-quality websites that are appealing to the user. None of our SEO clients wake up worrying about the latest Panda or Penguin updates, nor have we ever gotten a manual penalty for the work that we do. Instead,  we’ve watched our clients go from obscurity to top, page-one rankings. We believe that great content is inherently powerful—that people will want to share and engage in interesting stories, helpful information, and exciting news. By pairing powerful, integrated content strategies (that work together with PR, social media, print, and more) and fulfilling a multitude of technical requirements (mobile compatibility, markup, proper tag usage, page speed, site structure, minified .js and .css libraries, compressed images, high-quality earned backlinks, and so on), our clients enjoy websites that are at placed well above their competition in search results. It’s a long, continual effort that doesn’t produce results within a few days, but, over time, our clients steadily climb to the leading positions in search results.

Our SEO Geeks

It’s true—we employ a variety of geeks and nerds who absolutely love Star Wars and video games and SEO. It’s a wonderful marketing vertical, where the rules aren’t published, each company competes with their own competition (locally and nationally), and even if one rule is figured out by the SEO community, it changes. To succeed at SEO, you need to have people just crazy enough to love the work. Thankfully, here at the Dines Group, we have some of the most passionate and driven SEO professionals with years of experience working for top national and international brands. These specialists spend hours a night on their own time working out new theories, researching the newest thinking, testing such thinking with their own sandbox sites, interacting with the SEO community, and researching hundreds, if not thousands, of recent case studies by others in an attempt to always stay at the forefront of the SEO world. You’re not getting SEO specialists who are just getting their feet wet, you’re getting professionals who have help define an industry and who have guided some of the world’s biggest companies to the top of online organic search results.

Why You Should Partner with Us

Search engine optimization may just be our forte here at the Dines Group. We’re true believers in the power of ranking well in search engines and are ready to bring years of study and practice to your business.

We are a white hat SEO company that puts good web design and content first in a search engine optimization plan. We’ve had great success in improving the rankings of some of the world’s largest brands, as well as some of Pittsburgh’s smaller businesses. We do wonders with start-ups. We’ve worked with established brands over thousands of pages. We’ve continually produced great results that still stand today and, as a result, very happy clients. SEO is a real passion for us here at the Dines Group, and we’d love to talk with you further about how we can help your business improve its search ranking.

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