Brand Development and Marketing Strategy at the Dines Group


What is branding?

Branding (or brand development), according to some great mentors of ours, is “all communications, one voice.” That’s stuck with us over the years and has now become a mantra here at the Dines Group (Joe, to be honest–we kind of stole it, in as much as you can steal a company mantra. And thank you, very much.). Branding is the idea that all of your materials, messages, strategies, and efforts are consistent in what you do. It creates a “feel” for your company like no other. It includes style and content guides that allow you to provide your own employees, as well as outside vendors, with a direction on how your brand is represented. Why is this important? Because the best brands don’t need to do more than speak in their own language and you already know what those brands represent. Tiffany’s “blue” color is a perfect example of a company’s branding. The golden arches of McDonalds are another. What color represents Target? What about Best Buy? UPS? How quickly can you recognize the difference between Apple and Samsung phones? Great branding speaks volumes about a business and retains a value beyond the sum of its parts.

Your Brand Development

We’ll work closely with you to develop a brand that separates you from your competition, builds trust with your customers, and feels “right” to everyone in and out of your organization. The questions of who you are, why you are, and where you are going will be communicated and answered in the subtle forms of expression, copy generation, and visual appeal of our solutions. We’re an integrated marketing agency, so we’re able to execute your marketing initiatives, as well, giving you great marketing and advertising efforts from the very people who designed your branding in the first place.

Why Develop Your Brand and Corporate Style with the Dines Group?

The Dines Group is strongly committed to the power of a brand. By pulling all the elements of a business into one strong brand look and feel that delivers one powerful message through all communication channels, people will come to recognize and embrace an organization in all that business does. Additionally, the benefits of powerful branding include lowered costs for your marketing efforts, better economies of scale, and increased consideration by consumers. We’re experienced in developing many corporate brands–from company-wide style guides and strategies to the execution of your branding and marketing efforts, we’re ready to take your organization from a collection of products and services to a company that truly resounds in the hearts of consumers.

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