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Our business marketing services are what has brought the Dines Group to where it is today. Prior to our company’s founding in 2010, we all individually worked with the nation’s biggest brands and companies. We brought that experience along as we formed the Dines Group, where we’ve continued to work closely with national organizations and businesses, as well adding local “mom and pop” businesses to our repertoire. Our goal is to be the people’s champion by bringing sophisticated thinking, head-turning advertising, and efficacious business management services to all of our clients, no matter the size of their business.

To continue to help businesses prosper, we’ve amassed a commanding collection of advertising and business professionals who help us go beyond the “typical marketing and advertising agency” offerings. From financial services (taxes, bookkeeping) to event planning, we’ve added skill sets and experts to our core offerings so that we can deliver all that you’d need to take your business from a great idea to a national corporation with nothing more than the in-house services here at the Dines Group. We help people start their companies, create and develop brands, create appealing and effective websites, find retail store locations, create and execute online marketing plans, secure media placements and press, manage bookkeeping, improve website rankings, file taxes, design print advertising, create email campaigns, create and deliver direct mail, record and buy radio spots, record and edit online videos, manage search engine ad buys, and so much more.

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Day One

We’ll help you start your business–from business and marketing plans to legal filings to financial records, we’re ready to be your agency from day one.

pittsburgh growing your business
Day 18,250

We’re ready to help your already thriving business grow through new markets and opportunities. If your business is struggling, we’re ready to help turn it around.

The future of your business
Day 36,500

Engage our tremendous talents and expertise, even if you are already a household name that’s been around for 100 years. There is no ceiling in business, and with great marketing communications, we’ll help you continue to grow.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

-Mendel Berlinger

Our Marketing and Advertising Services 

Public Relations

Let's get your business the right attention from the right people.

Public relations is one very potent way to attract the right attention to your business. Whether you have good news to share, want to announce a new retail location, want help gathering toys for poor families at Christmas, or need to get ahead of potentially bad news, our PR specialists are well-versed in working with the media, and we can leverage our longtime relationships to help have your story told. We also work with you to create good news to feature your business in the local and national media. Our PR teams know the approaches and opportunities that exist for businesses in the media and can even help you cultivate a partnership with other organizations to create newsworthy goodwill.

Professional Brand Development

Your business might be more than you think it is. Let us help you tell your story.

You know that you make a better product than your competitors. Your customers know that, too. So do your friends and family. But the community as a whole doesn’t–which means that your sales haven’t been what you know they should be. That’s where the Dines Group comes in. Our specialists have helped design some of the world’s best-known brands, and we’re ready to the same for you. We’ll help you discover what it is that makes your company and products special, and we’ll capture that in your brand communications. We’ll then help you take your new compelling brand to the nation, so that everyone will know what you know–that your product is better than your competition.

Crisis Communications

When things get difficult, we're ready to help.

Someone once sang, “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have the facts of life.” You may not like talking about the bad times that occur with your business, but on a long enough timeline, it’s expected. That’s not to say your company at fault in any way, but just that things happen. Whether it’s a data breach, an injury related to the improper use of your products, an employee who posted personal political feelings on your company’s social media pages, or just a retirement or other business transition of a top employee, we’re ready to help you get in front of the press to tell your side of the story. We hope that all businesses have a long and happy lifetime, but there will be things that can go wrong and knowing that you have an agency on call that can handle these things during difficult times is peace of mind you don’t otherwise have. Let the Dines Group and our crisis communications specialists be there for you when you need us most.

Social Media Management

It's a new world out there--we'll help you manage and grow your social media.

Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Vine, MySpace (just kidding), and more. In fact, we’ll bet that you’re using at least one of these in your personal life. When it comes to using social media for your business, however, how you use it requires a different approach.

To effectively conquer social media, you need to know who you are, you need to know how to best present your business, you need to understand your marketing plan and your content strategy, you need to know how to best respond to others and how to be mindful of both local and world events. You need to know how to create conversations and build relationships with nothing more than 140 characters. You need to know how to use restraint. There is an art and style to powerful, effective social media marketing, and we’ll take you there.

Website Development and Online Marketing

We'll take your online marketing to 11. Engaging websites, powerful content, and so much more.

We make really powerful websites. Our websites produce results by appealing visually to the user, improving the user path, and ranking well in search engines. Our experience in website design goes deep, so we tend to turn clients on to new functionality that they didn’t know was possible prior to working with us. In short, if your website doesn’t turn heads and inspire action, what’s the point?

In today’s business world, the core of your business is a great website. Why? Because any time anyone hears about you, they’re going to look you up on the Internet. When you have a PR story in the press, they’ll add a link straight to your site. When you meet someone over dinner, they’ll go home and look you up. It’s a new day and age, and without a website or with simply an average website, you are losing business to your competition. We seek to not just prevent that, but to outshine your industry and inspire new fans and followers with our work. Your website will become the core of your content strategy; it establishes your ability to become a thought leader in your industry; it gives you a retail storefront; it allows you to tell your story the way you want; and it serves to guide the rest your marketing efforts.

Our website design work is as thorough and involved as website work can be. In fact, we won’t take shortcuts. We refuse to. We go the distance to make sure every facet of great web design, search engine ranking signals, best user design, and more is included in our websites. We want you to rank better in search engines, convert more customers, gain more followers, and grow your business starting with your online marketing, and getting those results comes from knowing how to do everything the right way. And we build it to last—there’s no reason you should have to redesign your site every year.

Data Analytics and SEO

Measure the impact of your brand(s), and make adjustments to always stay on top.

Do you go to bed feeling like more people should be finding your company? Do you find that you need more customers, but when people search for terms that should lead them to your company, they find other companies instead? This is where search engine optimization comes into play–and we’re very glad to help.

At the Dines Group, we’re in love with SEO. Great SEO is an art and takes constant dedication–search engines don’t release all the rules, so knowing how to rank well online comes from a combination of research and education, with a hint of trusting your gut. And testing. Lots of testing, measurements, adjustments, and so on. It’s about keyword research and knowing what terms are obtainable for a business. It’s about understanding link juice and back links. It’s about on-page design, markup, content creation and copywriting, alt tags, meta data, and so much more. It’s about tying all your online properties together. There is so much that goes into it, but just like conducting an orchestra, the Dines Group is ready to manage the many aspects of SEO that will help your company perform better in search results. We stay up late, living and breathing SEO.

The other side of great SEO comes from measurement—knowing how people are accessing your site, where they come from, what pages they visit, what pages lead to a sale, what technology they are using, and so on. By knowing your data, you can decide your content, where to open your next storefront, and even what times of the day are the best to post to your social media. We’ll gather and analyze this data for you and send you very detailed reports every month so that you can take action on measurable results and insights.

Financial Planning, Auditing, Bookkeeping, and Tax Filing

Our CPA will work with you to ensure your investments are legit, your taxes are filed correctly, and your financial future is secure.

If you feel it’s very difficult to know whom to trust in the world of finance, so do we. To counter this, we brought in a CPA who just so happened to be almost family to us. Now, our financial division is run by a very smart and talented CPA who just so happened to be the college roommate of our CEO. He’s someone with whom we go back a long, as we need to make sure we’re delivering the best advice and results to our clients.

We deliver the right financial advice to today’s businesses. From income taxes to business investments, we provide our clients either direct management or outside consultation on all things financial—ensuring that today’s top businesses are able to secure their finances and plan for the future.

We offer tax services for our clients’ businesses, as well as individual return assistance for you and the employees of your company. We also offer full bookkeeping services–all with our highly experienced and accomplished in-house CPA.

If you are just starting your business or would like someone to help manage your finances because your business is growing in new and wonderful ways, the Dines Group can make sure your business is getting the tax breaks and financial services it needs to thrive. Call us before you file anything, and let us provide the peace of mind and industry expertise you need.

Paid Search Marketing / Google Analytics

As your organic rankings take time to improve, let us help you jump directly to the top of search results.

Paid search marketing is the art of using available data to bid on ranking placements that appear alongside traditional search results displayed by a search engine. The challenge to search engine marketing is making sure that your results outperform your budget, and that’s where the Dines Group steps in.

Our search word specialists will work closely with you to identify key terms and phrases that drive business to your online locations. We’ll use that raw data to look at trends across your industry, competitiveness within a bid, your competition, and more to help create a near-perfect search marketing plan for you.

Search engine marketing might sound simple at first, but the truth is that it’s a fine art–bidding on an over-priced keyword can deplete your budget in two clicks (and leave you at a loss every day). Bidding on the wrong keywords can mean people click to your site but don’t convert. Recognizing long-tail opportunities can mean spending very low amounts for high-converting terms. That’s what we do–we help you find the right answers, keywords, bids, schedules, times and more to maximize your ad spend.

Print Marketing

We'll help you create engaging print materials and ads.

From company brochures, business cards, and pamphlets to print ads for major media outlets, we create striking and encapsulating print work that draws the eye and inspires others to take action. When we do print work for a client, we get to share that work with all the other specialists on the team. Their insight helps shape the work, making sure we include all perspectives and ideas surrounding your brand. What you end up with is not just an ad or a brochure, rather it’s a work of art.

Our print marketing specialists and graphic designers go beyond creating great creative work. Our teams know where to place your ad, too, so that not only are we creating beautiful work for you, but we’re putting your message in front of the right eyes at the right time. You see, we don’t believe in the shotgun approach to marketing–the idea that you do everything and see what sticks. We’re more like a sniper, finding opportunities with complete precision and executing creative in ways that deliver results without lost opportunities or wasted efforts.

From your business cards and annual reports to your print ads and billboards, let us help you share your message with the world in beautiful colors.

A Wealth of Marketing Professionals Ready for Your Company

At the Dines Group, you're in good hands.

In addition to the services we have listed here, we have so much more to offer. We have an-house video editing department had a serious role in the development and filming of movies like the Dark Knight series, Get Smart, The Bank Job, The Brothers Grimm, and more. We have an in-house recording studio to record voice-overs and radio spots. We also have a private web hosting division where we host our clients’ websites. As you get to know us, you’ll start to realize how much we’ve done to make sure we’re a one-stop marketing agency that can cover all of your business needs as they arise. And trust us, it’s so much easier and much more cost effective when one team is handling all of your marketing communications. When that team is the Dines Group, you’re really in good hands.