Celebrity Marketing and Career Management for Media Personalities

Celebrity Marketing, Advertising, and Career Management for Professional Actors and Musicians


The Dines Group is beautifully poised to help celebrities and public figures manage all aspects of their career, from event planning and public relations to business and financial management. Our multiple, in-house disciplines of public relations, financial planning, web design, social media, and strategic online marketing makes us a perfect choice to handle the day-to-day marketing, advertising, and promotion that today’s most sought-after musicians, actors, and other public figures require.

The Dines Group works closely with professional athletes, musicians, public figures, actors, and other media personalities to develop a strategic approach to building a personal brand and delivering content that engages audiences and inspires action. We work with clients and their agents to develop an all-encompassing celebrity brand that generates affection, appreciation, and dedication in the client’s fan base and leads to increased career opportunities for the client. From public relations and brand management to sponsorship opportunities and website design, we’re an integrated solution to the marketing needs of celebrities and other public figures.

Marketing and Career Management that Seamlessly Integrates into Your Brand


When we work with a celebrity client or other media personality, we many times switch to Batman-mode and work in the shadows. Our specialists who will work with your account are experts in out of sight. Our ghostwriters mimic your voice but don’t seek to share the spotlight. In truth, to the public, if you so wish it to be . . . it’s as if we’re not even there. Furthermore, we don’t drop names. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

That concept goes hand-in-hand with our understanding of how important it is that your personal brand best represents you–you are the one who has done the hard work to get where you are and to attract the attention and love that you have. Our job is just to bolster and secure that with our years of marketing experience and expertise. Our marketing specialists will go to great lengths to capture and understand all that you want to convey and work with you on a plan to take what motivates you, your passion, and your character to the masses.


BRAND MANAGEMENT the dines group marketing agency
Brand and Career Management

We deliver public relations, sponsorships, brand development, social media, websites, business strategy, financial planning, and much more for today’s professional musicians, actors, celebrities, and media personalities.

post career celebrity management dines group marketing agency
Post-career Management

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of your working life–just no more long hours! Let us help you find endorsements, sponsorships, and events for financial, charity, and leadership opportunities.

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Business and Personal Development

We provide services that go beyond your specific career–from business venture development to marketing a new book to personal wellness, we are ready to be your full-service business agency.

“World can’t hold me, too much ambition, always knew it’d be like this when I was in the kitchen.”


Brand and Reputation for Celebrities

Grow and protect your career and reputation.

We work with each client to develop and communicate an individual brand. The greatest celebrities and public figures are always those who seem to be larger than life, and we help musicians, actors, and other celebrity figures to identify the best of who they are and communicate in all outward communications by developing a personal brand that is unique, powerful, and attractive to fans and followers. We take our clients from “Who am I?” to “Who I am.”

PR and Crisis Communications

We are your strike team in media communications.

The Dines Group is ready to help you craft and deliver your media communications, train for interviews and public speaking events, land headlines and media placement, garner magazine and media interviews, navigate earned media, and more . . . all through identifying and engaging targeted opportunities that ensure our client’s pitch reaches the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Media Training and Image Consulting

We help you present your very best to the world.

We work with our clients to develop a strategic approach to all of their media communications. From personal interviews to 140-character announcements, our clients are constantly in the eye of the media and are subjected to the judgments of millions. A positive public opinion easily translates into career opportunities for our clients, and providing our clients the right tools to navigate the vast and perilous spotlight of fame translates into new opportunities and greater public support.

Social Media and Web Design

We'll use our years of online marketing experience to paint your brand in beautiful colors.

Our celebrity clients are expected to constantly have a strong social media presence, websites, and other online media for their fans to engage. We create branded websites, social media properties, and consistent communications of the celebrity brand across all online properties, and we either manage (ghostwrite) or train our clients to best effectively utilize each of these properties concurrently to deliver a branded, engaging experience with fans that inspires action and increases popularity. We also manage data analytics, providing our clients with all the information they could want about how and when their fans are accessing, interacting with, and sharing a client’s online properties and stories.

Financial Planning and Taxes

CPA-level tax work, bookkeeping, and business management.

The world doesn’t quite realize that fame comes with large paychecks that only sometimes translate into long-term careers. Many musicians, athletes, and celebrities see a small window of their lives filled large successes, and while a best-selling album or a headline role in a movie sounds wonderful, it’s quite possible that it won’t last. While we work closely with our clients to achieve long-term career success, many come to us with a selection of questions about investments or even just how to file their taxes. To make matters worse, some clients arrive at our doorstep having taken and followed very bad financial advice.

Here at the Dines Group, we have a team of in-house financial professionals (CPA) to help each client file taxes, manage their long-term retirement plans, and so on. We don’t invest on behalf of our clients–that’s a different company you’re looking for–but we do audit your investments to ensure that you’re making the best decisions. We take great pride in our commitment to operate in our clients’ best interests, especially in a world of such uncertainty. We also believe strongly in teaching our clients about our work—when our clients are interested in learning more about finances, we like to educate them about tax and financial opportunities so they can fully understand how their money and taxes are managed and invested.

Business Management for Celebrities

When you're ready to start your business, we're the first step you should take.

As you may have noticed, we’re an integrated marketing agency that goes beyond tradition and offers our clients complete support from specialized teams all under one roof here at the Dines Group. With that said, we work with many local and national businesses to develop their brand, communicate that brand, and increase their revenue. We’re glad to work with our celebrity clients to start and grow businesses, non-profits, foundations, and more. We have all the required staff to help design, brand, and launch your new business, as well as grow that business year-upon-year with a full-fledged marketing team designed specifically to work on your brand.

As a celebrity, starting a business alone or with other friends is a great idea–you likely have name recognition and greater income reserves (or even a higher chance to secure investments) than most people who start their own businesses, which puts you ahead of the game from the start. Starting a business also helps show the world that you’re more than just the actor or musician that they know you as. It’s fun to be Jimi Hendrix and be known as a great guitarist–but it’s even more fun to be JayZ and own an empire. We’ll help you build that empire.

Nutrition and Health Services

Let us help you take care of your most important asset.

With all of our work that we do with professional athletes, we have gained some wonderful relationships with nutritionists and trainers who can help manage your diet and workouts. After all, the most important aspect in all of your success is you–so why not do everything that you can do to improve and protect that asset? We work with some of the very best in the industry, and offer all of our clients one-on-one nutritional management and private training consultations.

Sponsorship and Endorsement Opportunities

We deliver opportunities through events, endorsements, and sponsorships.

With careful integration of today’s new media methods and traditional public relations tactics, the Dines Group develops a fresh perspective on post-career development and long-term personal branding. One of the Dines Group’s greatest skill sets is securing robust post-career opportunities for our clients according to their interests. By tapping into relationships within the political, entertainment, and sports industries, the Dines Group is able to supply clients with sponsorship and endorsement opportunities while maintaining client’s image and popularity.

Let’s Make You More Famous.