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Data Analytics has started to turn heads in the sports community, but we’ve been using it in the marketing industry for decades. Much in the same way that sports teams can draw conclusions about their players and plays, we use data analytics to draw conclusions about your business, customers, and followers.

Data Analytics and Statistics

In today’s data-driven world, just “having a website” doesn’t regularly put you at the top of search results. To succeed in search rankings, you need to constantly monitor and grow your website. Website and data analytics allow you to gather user data, see it from new perspectives, and draw conclusions from your users’ data (for example, the area in your community from which your users visit, what information they are seeking on your website, how long a user stays on each web page, when and on which page a user decides to leave your site, which content is most important to your users, and so on). Through our agency’s data analytic specialists, we use statistics to help an organization to refine and adjust both its website and business model based on proven users’ actions. Utilizing web statistics, an organization can have a strong understanding of its clientele, and the Dines Group is ready to bring data analytics to your organization or personal brand.

Using Data Analytics and Business Statistics

By looking carefully at how your customers or fans interact with your brand, we can draw a wide range of conclusions that allow us to refine your marketing plans, improve outreach efforts, and even identify new markets for your business or brand. Just some of the things our data analytics specialists gather include:

  • Best time and best days to “tweet,” “post to Facebook,” “pin,” and more. We identify when your followers are active and give you the best opportunities to have your social posts interacted with and shared.
  • Best content to tweet—whether it’s updates about your new products or news about the NBA draft, we’ll let you know what content performs better than others so you can provide your followers the best possible social media experience.
  • We identify the locations of your website users (down to the city/community level) and help you understand which parts of the community (or country, if you are a national business) are best finding your website. We also help recommend adjustments to better capture area locations that we feel may help increase sales and profitability.
  • We gather data about which website pages are most popular and which ones aren’t getting enough attention. We draw conclusions about your content and work to make sure your brand is providing the right content to its users to maximize the occurrences of social interactions and purchases.
  • We monitor your keyword rankings and track which keywords you are trending for. We look for opportunities in places where you aren’t ranking so well, and we seek to keep you ranking well for top terms. We’ll help you learn how your users find your website through search engines.
  • We can tell you which devices people are using to access your content and how long they are staying on your website.
  • We can also tell you how many of your fans read your most recent email blast, which ones clicked through or took action, and which ones never opened it.

Each of these measurements are combined with hundreds of other measurements we take to come up with a plan each month to fine-tune your website to its maximum potential. It’s like watching game film for a professional sports team. Making small adjustments can be the difference between a win and a loss, and data analytics gives us the insight to know which adjustments to your online properties to make.

Your Website and Data Analytics Implementation

It’s not difficult to gather data based on your users. Many times, we’ll look at a website and track the users’ movements throughout. When possible, we merge this information with real-world sales data and other indicators that accurately measure your marketing and advertising efforts. Website and data analytics is a powerful idea for local, smaller businesses, as well as for larger businesses with significant reach. We’ll work with you to implement a data and website analytics solution that provides you with valuable results, generates insight into your consumers’ behavior, and is scalable to the scope of information that you need. We can even help you track and analyze social media and video content, as well.

Understanding Your Data Analytics and Business Statistics with the Dines Group

The Dines Group is highly experienced in data analytics (having worked with major Fortune 500 companies for years) and is glad to share this experience with your organization. Our reports will share insightful demographic and psychographic analytics about the users on your site, about what is important to them, and about the content they are seeking. We’ll help you tie your data to real world events. We’ll use our strong statistical backgrounds to help you garner the insights your business needs to succeed. As a company, you can best meet the needs of the people when you know exactly what those needs are. We can provide you with that information in easy-to-interpret data analytic reports that you can share and present with your entire company.

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