Event Planning at the Dines Group


Our event planning specialists are some of the best in the industry today. We manage the entire event planning process for our clients, from pre-press, sponsorship obtainment, post-press, and more, events that come through the Dines Group are second to none. As a major part of what we do is public relations, we have a unique combination of hospitality and public relations experience that merges into a perfect, well-covered event that goes beyond client expectations.

Our Event Planning Services

When it comes to planning your PR event, we work to develop a strategic marketing plan that guides the entire process. Our development of this plan is specific to your event and your business, and may include any of the following services:

  • Pre-event Public Relations and Media Placements
  • Post-event Public Relations and Media Placements
  • Online Event Calendar and Media Event Calendar Outreach and Placement
  • Sponsorship Discovery and Engagement
  • Press and Media Discovery and Engagement
  • Invites, Guest List Maintenance, and RSVP Management
  • Celebrity/Spokesperson Discovery and Engagement
  • Collateral, Gift Bags, Branding, and Guest Experience Services
  • Social Media and Real-world Promotion
  • Decoration and Branding
  • Venue Research and Engagement
  • Hotel Bookings and Transportation Arrangements
  • Coordination and Management of Tax Forms, Photo Releases, and More
  • Event Setup and Staffing
  • Catering Engagement and Management
  • Security and Medical Support Services Engagement and Management
  • Event Clean-up and Breakdown

Event Planning with The Dines Group

The Dines Group’s event planning specialists are well-versed in meet-and-greet-events, black tie events, charity dinners, fundraisers, press conferences, media tours, corporate events, fashion shows, grand openings, branded events for local and national businesses, concerts, and sporting events. We work with our clients to find new partnership opportunities, new audiences, and new tie-in possibilities that expand their brand and increase their return on investment with any given event.

Contact Us!

Let’s talk further about what we can do for your brand specifically. Contact us, and we’ll be glad to have a conversation about how our PR event planning specialists can deliver an event that no one will ever forget.