Ghostwriting, Content Creation, and Social Media at the Dines Group


Ghostwriting for both corporate America and celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, and other social media properties is more commonplace than you may realize. Ghostwriting is the idea that we’ll create, publish, and maintain a company’s social media, content strategy, and overall vibrant online presence. For businesses that are too busy to invest the time and energy to have an active online social media presence, ghostwriting is great way to incorporate social media marketing and content strategies into your overall online marketing strategy.

Your Corporate or Celebrity Ghostwriting Marketing Strategy

When it comes to representing your company in online content and copy, social media, and other online and offline mediums, we’ll take great care to understand your brand. We’ll effectively and efficiently create content that best represents you as a company or as a thought leader. We’ll not only take care of your content creation and major social properties like Twitter and Facebook, but also manage your overall online presence, as well–especially as new opportunities emerge. Instead of leaving your brand reputation and messaging to a fresh-out-of-college intern or an employee with extra time on his or her hands, we’ll approach your corporate or celebrity content creation social media presence with the high level of professionalism that you can expect from the Dines Group. We’ll work together on your marketing strategy, branding, voice, and corporate communications. We’ll draw upon our strong SEO-based thinking to create content that is shared and followed across the Internet. We’ll take good care of your marketing efforts, and it will all be done through our ghostwriting specialists here at the Dines Group.

Corporate Ghostwriting at The Dines Group

If you’re thinking about finding some help in social media marketing, you’ve come to the right place. The Dines Group’s best writers will dedicate themselves to thoroughly understand your business and professionally execute a full online campaign for your company. Our talented, published writers take into account your entire brand and search engine optimization strategy–so you’re never just paying an inexperienced writer to merely “come up with some stuff” on your properties. Every ghostwriting account is given full attention by our SEO specialists and is continually reviewed by our public relations team to be on-point with your marketing objectives.

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No one out there has the extra time to do what you do and write and generate all this content. It’s a nice idea, but not humanly possible. Let us help make you sane again, all while improving your brand and bottom line.