Media Buying from the Dines Group


What used to be a small or non-existent department in our parents’ and grandparents’ marketing agencies has turned into one of the most important aspects of today’s modern marketing and advertising agencies. With people watching more television and mobile video than ever before, ad and media placement in today’s digital world has become one of the most effective marketing tactics in our arsenal.

Media Planning for Your Brand

Our media buying efforts focus on the opportunities we identify with the client when constructing both the marketing strategy and the specific media plan. With a wide range of potential media opportunities available, knowing which media options will best serve your brand is important. In fact, that’s what makes our agency so special—we have the experience and insight to identify what media channels best serve your brand and the media planners to perfectly design and execute a complete media plan to achieve those objectives.

We start a client’s media plan with all options on the table—print, national and local cable television, national and local broadcast television, radio, online/digital radio, outdoor, sponsorships, product placement, integrations, online, and more. The actual media buy that is perfect for a specific company or brand comes from the media planning and marketing strategy specialists spending hours upon hours working hard to make sure every opportunity is explored and vetted for both effectiveness and cost. Only then do we create a plan that achieves a client’s media buying objectives at the sweet spot where value is derived—“cost” and “reach” have to be in balance with each other to create the greatest opportunity for your brand.

No Shortcuts

We recognize that there are opportunities throughout the media world. Our media buying team seeks the greatest value for our clients, not simply the most impressions or the lowest cost. While many agencies measure their media buy by the popularity of the television show, we measure our work by the value we bring our clients—especially from the measurable increase in sales. Having a commercial on Survivor or Shark Tank could be something to brag about, but if you can have 20 times the sales by advertising on Billy’s World of Clowns and Zebras, then we’re going to show you that and encourage that you make the right media decisions for your bottom line by choosing to advertising on Billy’s World of Clowns and Zebras.

Our Promise to Our Clients

At the end of the day, we want our clients to be successful and financially secure, and that comes from our continued dedication to explore all potential opportunities in our quest to bring you the best results for your marketing investments. It’s our work ethic and insight that will keep our company successful, not a one-time commission, so know that our media buying team is relentless in finding the right mix of opportunities for your brand. We want you to be happy and stay with our agency for decades, if not longer.

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