Paid Search Advertising and Google AdWords


While we have an amazing team of SEO specialists, we recognize that there is an important place in most marketing plans for paid search/PPC advertising (Google AdWords, etc.). While Google and others do their best to make it sound like PPC advertising is simple and easy (it is easy to sign up), we know that professional management of PPC advertising is important because the amounts of money you’d need to spend to achieve the same results a PPC specialist can accomplish can be daunting. Properly delivering the right PPC campaign to the right audience at the right times and optimizing that budget to maximize results while reducing waste is exactly what our PPC specialists do each day.

Paid Search Marketing Strategy

Paid search marketing is powerful as a means to put your company or personal website in front of traditional organic search results—perfect for new product releases, new opportunities, or when you just launched a new website. Many companies purchase paid advertising as a means to simply drive traffic to their website for their service or product. Delivering a successful, fully optimized campaign, however, means that one requires measurement, insight, experience, and full control of an ad campaign (something you may not get from AdWords Express). By monitoring placements and click through rates, creating offers, setting up A/B testing, and so on, our professionals here at the Dines Group are able to take your paid ad campaign to higher levels with more return on investment.

The Vast World of Paid Search Marketing

When it comes to paid search marketing, there are a lot of options available. The Dines Group can help you navigate between millions of keyword combinations, ad text, who your market is, what makes your business unique, measure your results, and so on. We’ll make the right changes to your campaign and help you understand how optimizing in paid search has a lot of real-world parallels that are applicable to your storefront business or brand.

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