Print Advertising at the Dines Group


“Offline Marketing”

Regardless of what Egon Spangler so famously quoted in Ghostbusters, print is not dead. Print advertising is also not dead. We know that today’s world is driven by online communications, and it is very true that print marketing has changed—magazines and newspapers are being replaced by online alternatives more and more every day. But that doesn’t change how important print marketing can be or how many wonderful opportunities there are for print and traditional marketing efforts.

The Dines Group can help you develop and execute a beautiful print strategy that supports a larger marketing strategy or stands alone in its approach. Our print marketing specialists are well-versed in all aspects of print marketing and design, and have been behind some of the nation’s most loved, award-winning print advertising.

Print Advertising is Everywhere

You may first think of ads in magazines and newspapers, and you’re right, but don’t forget how large the print advertising world can be. You come into contact with examples of print advertising nearly every day and nearly everywhere you go. Company brochures, pamphlets, and business cards all fall under print marketing, as well as trade show booths, dessert cards at table in your favorite restaurant, and coupons, too.

Here at the Dines Group, we’ll help design the print pieces you need to fulfill your marketing strategy objectives. We believe our brands should deliver a fully branded experience, so we make sure to design not only eye-catching print advertising, but print advertising that also specifically works within your company’s brand look and feel.

Great Print Marketing Runs on Great Creativity

The beautiful part of print advertising is that it is truly the creative work that drives the results. We believe all work should help create conversations and transcend the standard “be seen” mentality that was so heavily a part of the “mad men” marketing world. Today’s print ads need to be more than “be seen,” they need to “be heard.” They need to create conversations and inspire thought. They need to be memorable. They need to make it easy to inspire the audience to action. They need to be emotional, passionate, and genuine . . . they need to be both subtle and loud at the same time. Great print marketing accomplishes just that, and we strive to deliver creative print ad design for our clients that inspires action from the reader.

Print Advertising at the Dines Group

When you work with The Dines Group on your print advertising initiatives, we’ll take your brand and style into consideration and create beautiful, compelling print advertisements to help you achieve your marketing objectives. We have a great team of copywriters who have years of experience working on print advertising for major international brands. We will work with you to communicate the benefits of your product, not just your features. To us, our work is art. We take great care to ensure your brand and message are delivered in an eye-catching, compelling way that bolsters your brand.

The secret to Print Advertising?

Brochures and other materials should not just be informative, but should contain your branding and style, feature messages that mirror your other media, and deliver eye-catching results quickly and effectively. The Dines Group is poised to help successfully take your message to the world through all print advertising mediums. We have great relationships with printers and offer our clients high-quality work at a fraction of the cost that other agencies charge. We have years of experience, having placed ads in highly-visible locations and publications. We’ll be glad to work with your organization, small or large, to develop quality print advertising for your business.

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