Public Relations at the Dines Group


Public relations and strategic corporate communications strategy are major pieces of the Dines Group’s business. Our approach to marketing communications finds us providing a more potent strategic approach where traditional public relations agencies tend to rely on placement volume. At the Dines Group, we aim to maximize your reach, and we concentrate on not just getting your story told, but creating conversations and engagement, too. With shorter attention spans and more marketing messages than ever before, we believe that only the best, well-executed public relations strategies stand out.

In addition to the outreach and goodwill we do for professional athletes and celebrities, we’re constantly looking for new opportunities and obtaining solid media placements for our clients. In today’s hectic world, we believe that delivering a powerful, unified message across multiple platforms and media outlets is key to success. Our integrated marketing approach means that our PR specialists will naturally speak in the brand voice and style and coordinate our public relations strategy with the overall marketing communications strategy that we establish for your company.

Our Public Relations Concentrations

Our public relations team serves an eclectic variety of companies and individuals, and is prepared to perform within the wide selection of scenarios that those clients may bring. We’re ready to help you and your brand deliver:

  • Professional Sports and Athlete Representation and Communications
  • Celebrity and Individual Career Communications
  • Business, CEO, and Business-to-business Transitions
  • Business Communications and Market-specific Communications
  • Internal Corporate Communications Management
  • New Business and Start-up Corporate Communications
  • Crisis Management and Risk Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Publicly-traded Corporate Communications and Marketing Materials
  • Public Relations Strategy

We’re strong believers in engagement. As your marketing communications agency, we’ll go above and beyond your expectations of what a public relations firm can do. In addition to the same placements you’ll find with other PR firms, we find placements that are high-engagement, high-visibility opportunities for our clients to create a conversation with their audiences. You, as a client, shouldn’t have to choose one communications approach over another—we’ll provide you all you’ve come to expect from your current agency, along with our unique, motivated creativity that will deliver additional PR opportunities and placements to further deliver your communications strategy and message to the world. We’ll tell your story in ways that are comfortable and familiar with today’s readers, journalists, and influencers, and we’ll go the extra mile to follow up with all of our outreach.

Why Public Relations?

Some of the best exposure you can earn for your business is free. Reaching millions of viewers or readers with a great public relations effort is worth its weight in gold. Through your hard work and unique product offerings, through your opinions and thoughts, through goodwill and community support . . . there are opportunities to place your business in front of millions of people through their most trusted sources. This type of endorsement and coverage is not only compelling, but is financially free. Where else could you reach most of a city or region (or even an entire country) without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars?

We Tell Your Story to Millions of People

We’ll sit down with you to discuss the particular aspects, achievements, and unique angles that would create a compelling, newsworthy story. We’ll help you craft the content, gather images, and send to our thousands of personal connections in the media. We’ll take care of all the follow up and help create further opportunities in the process.

Furthermore, while it is never fun to discuss, sometimes bad things happen. Without a team in place to quickly respond to such news, the community is forced to learn of these events through media, rumor mills, and friends of friends. If you’ve ever played the telephone game, you know how quickly information can get distorted. Additionally, many media outlets subscribe to the ‘If it bleeds, it leads” theory of presentation. This could be devastating to a business, especially one that has been around for a very long time and has worked so hard to build a great reputation. The Dines Group’s team of public relations specialists is ready to go to bat for you. Let us help you through both the good and bad times.

Public Relations with the Dines Group

The Dines Group’s years of experience in public relations and the relationships we hold both here in Charlotte, NC, and Pittsburgh, PA, as well as with media outlets throughout the country, can quickly put your personal brand or organization into the spotlight. Our public relations efforts are focused on earning our clients maximum exposure and top-of-mind awareness with audiences and stakeholders. We know how to create interesting, content-driven stories that appeal to specific audiences, and we’ve produced notable results for clients. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Contact Us!

Contact us, and we’ll be glad to have a conversation about how our public relations specialists can help take your brand to the world’s stage.