Sponsorship and Endorsements


Sponsorship and endorsement deals for athletes, actors, musicians, and other celebrities are a lucrative and enduring side effect of one’s success. By co-branding corporate sponsorships or associating products with media personalities, individuals are able to cross-pollinate successful marketing and branding campaigns with their own brand and accomplishments to create win-win situations. Not sure where to start? Let us help.

Athletic Sponsorships and Product Endorsements

Athletic sponsorships are most recognized as obtaining a cover on a Wheaties box, but the truth is that there is a huge market for both current and former professional athletes, musicians, media personalities, actors, authors, cooks, and more who are looking to partner their success with the right brand and for brands looking to partner their success with the right celebrity. By choosing to partner in sponsorship or endorsement capacities, professional athletes and media personalities can not only further increase their income through such a deal, but can also grow and solidify their fan following. Businesses, similarly, can demonstrate their brand’s thinking and belief system by choosing to partner with athletes in sponsorship opportunities who best represent that brand’s characteristic, ideals, and values. A perfect sponsorship between athlete and corporation leaves both parties more popular among fans, all while enjoying an increase in personal or business revenue. For both an athlete to leverage their success on the field and a business to engage a new market through athletic endorsement is a great business decision where both parties come out stronger.

Sponsorships and Endorsements for Celebrities

The most famous celebrity endorsement deals are some of the best marketing campaigns to grace our lives. From Ray Charles’ “You got the right one, baby” campaign to Michael Jordan’s forever-famous shoe line to the George Foreman Grill, some of the most treasured moments in marketing and advertising are the result of the synergy created by great brands working with great celebrities and media personalities. There are also millions of additional opportunities for athletes, celebrities, and others outside of national television spots. From local endorsements for restaurants, car dealerships, hotels, and law firms to niche product markets like yoga-related clothing lines and certified organic foods, the wealth of available partnership opportunities is remarkable.

The Right Sponsorship or Endorsement Deal

Our sponsorship and endorsement specialists will help you obtain the right sponsorships by exploring and identifying the common core elements between your on-field success and followers and the core values and brand essence of major products and corporations. We explore the market and work with the other parties involved to ensure that the sponsorship strategy is aligned with everyone’s goals and brand needs. We then, generally, approach our targets and manage the pitch, negotiation, and execution of the sponsorship in accordance with the interests of our client’s brand and personality and associations in mind. We’re on-set for any commercials or photo shoots to ensure the style and presentation of our client; we audit scripts, we help develop the sponsorship strategy with the partnering entity, and more.

From there, we engage any and all measurements of the sponsorship and look for any additional opportunities within the deal or additional partners that can take the value of the sponsorship or endorsement even higher. Come talk to us about how we can help you obtain and secure partnerships for your personal brand or businesses.

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