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Web design and online marketing strategy and execution from the Dines Group is based upon two very important design principles—that a website’s design has to be appealing and engaging to users and that a website has to be found well in search engine results. A beautiful website that no one visits will not help your brand and a terrible website that everyone visits might even hurt worse. As such, we know we’ve developed a perfect formula for web design that allows us to appeal to search engines in such a way that doesn’t detract from the user experience, leaving our clients with highly successful sites that grow their business, their brand, and their opportunities–all while turning heads and attracting new online (and offline) fans and followers.

We use integrated teams of specialists to paint a seamless portrait of your brand, beautiful and engaging. Our web design and online strategy specialists are ready to work with your business in any capacity—from WordPress and Magento to HTML5 and Python, we have a selection of web developers available to you to find the right programming language and possibly CMS for your business’ specific needs. If you’re not sure what all this means, we’re ready to help you, too. In fact, we’ll likely recommend something like WordPress, a web design solution that’s no more complicated for you to manage what it takes to use Microsoft Word.

Inclusive Website Design

Many times, marketing agencies will design websites in a vacuum. When we work on a website design with a client, we listen first. We know that your business has found its success so far in life based on years of hard work. We want to hear about your culture. Your brand. Where you want to go. What you’ve done to get where you are today. Many times, businesses have grown quite large without a website at all.

It’s only then that we speak. Web design, to us, is about finding your greatest strengths and communicating those strengths in a branded, integrated online property. We’ll identify the opportunities in the marketplace and against your competition. We’ll share with you the most recent thinking on how to achieve the best search results. We will show you how we can communicate all you are as a business through beautiful imagery, color, font, content, and how to improve the overall user experience. We’ll help you drive sales and track inventory. We’ll teach you about responsive design and the importance of mobile in today’s website design mix. We’ll create for you a website that rises above your competition and engages your customers like never before. To us, this is a vital component for companies in today’s online-driven world.

Our website design services are all inclusive. While some agencies and web designers might allow you to take shortcuts and try to cheat the system, we design responsive websites that work amazingly well on both mobile and desktop computers, integrate all known SEO best practices, update and improve your social media properties, manage your local SEO, and build websites designed to last for years to come (because who wants to redesign a website just a year or two after the last design?). We don’t try to sell you these items as optional packages–they come with every website we design because every website we design arrives as a complete website solution for your brand or business.

Social Media, Data Analytics, and Offline Design and Deployment

In addition to your website design, we’ll help set up your company’s emails, social media profiles, data analytics, plugins, and more. We believe that website design doesn’t stop at the completion of a powerful website, but extends throughout all social media properties and possibly offline branding, as well. We’ll work with you to make sure that your new website’s branding is carried throughout your brand (for instance, your businesses cards and your website should look like they come from the same company), and that all the additional aspects of website design (social media, emails, etc.) are taken care of. All you have to do is be a part of the design process and buy in on our advance online marketing strategies that we design specifically for each client, and we’ll take care of the rest of the additional details while setting up your new website.

High-functionality Website Design

We produce websites that are specific to our clients’ needs. This means that we’re able to build a team around your specific needs and design a site that accomplishes each and every goal of your website’s strategic marketing plan. The majority of our expertise is in front-facing business and personal web design, but we’re glad to help you create beautiful and highly-functional private admin pages, company intranets, and so on. With a selection of different specialties in-house, we can design the website development team to fit your website’s needs specifically.

Our Website Design Criteria

When you are a client of the Dines Group, you can rest assured that our greatest criteria in website design is the ability of the site to generate revenue and/or awareness. While beautiful websites abound, the true measurement of a website is an increase in business. To that end, we’re absolutely dedicated to creating sites that will rank well in search engines (so they can be found by users) and convert users to customers (for businesses and personal brands) or inspire users to take action (if you are a charity, for example).

Website Hosting

To make life even easier for our clients, we also offer website hosting on a fast, dedicated VPS server with unlimited email accounts at costs well under what you’d pay for even a standard account with a major web host . This gives our clients added security and faster website delivery. We’ll also set up your CDN with Amazon’s Cloudfront, further increasing the speed and security of your site. For WordPress-based sites, we’ll manage your site security and plug-in updates, as well. When you host with us, you can always call us and have a website first responder available to you that works on your team here at the Dines Group, not a tech support phone number that puts you on hold for hours.

WordPress Website Hosting and Website Maintenance

For our clients that host with us and use WordPress, we manage their entire security and upgrading process—updating plug-ins, WordPress versions, and monitoring your new website with WordFence security. You won’t have to log in constantly to make sure that your site is operating smoothly—we’ll do the work for you every week.

Why Choose the Dines Group as Your Website Designers?

When you develop a website with The Dines Group, we deliver not only top-quality design that presents your consumer base with a stunning representation of your company, but a design that incorporates all the back-end support and ranking signals required to compete in today’s online world. After all, if a website looks wonderful and no one can find it, then what do you have?

We also incorporate the latest design and programming trends into our website developments. Social media, meta data, micro data, semantic design, local search, responsive design, data analytics, SEO-minded copy, and so many more design trends are standard offerings at The Dines Group.

Website design is an art. We believe very much that our eye can help set your business apart from the competition. Websites are a valuable mixture of branding, content, programming, and usability–much like a high-end sports car. It’s beautiful when it is put together well, and we believe very much in the elegance and performance of our website designs. Come speak with us about what we can do for your online presence.

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